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Dependable Air Conditioning Installation in Booragoon

For all sorts of hassle-free, quality, and affordable air conditioning installation; rely on the services from Aircon Express. We make sure that the installation of the system is made easy and least time-consuming.

The entire installation of the system goes through a systematic series of activities. Right from the assessment of the place of installation to ensuring a successful installation — we leave no stone unturned. Our quality and flawless services have made us the market leaders in the field of air conditioning installation.

Installation of the air cons takes into account several crucial parameters. Experience, knowledge and the care taken by the installers are some of the critical points that make the entire installation smooth and trouble-free. We are the trendsetters in the field of installing any air conditioner systems.

About Us

Are you worried about the installers or the technicians? Are you in doubt if the installation is going to meet all the standards specified? Well, not to worry about all these when we have a team of hand-picked skilled and experienced technicians. We are the dedicated tradesmen who make sure that you get the installation done precisely in the same way you expected it to have been completed.

At Aircon Express, we provide you with all the possible professional advice that meets all your heating and cooling requirements. We ensure the best installation of commercial and residential sectors with the use of supreme quality of the professional products and equipment.

For Booragoon, air conditioning system is a must as it is used more frequently. Therefore, we make sure that you do not get things wrong. We provide you with the best experts’ advice in getting you the right kind of unit for your residence or office. Our skilled technicians’ knowhow helps you in making the final selection!

Our List of Services Includes

  • We provide unmatched installation of evaporative air conditioning, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning, and split system air conditioning
  • We provide detailed information on the type of system that is going to fit your requirements without altering your budget
  • We also offer detailed information on the different kinds of accessories, parts that will best suit the requirement
  • We provide comprehensive insight on the various service works that are going to be provided during the installation. We hand over a free quotation about the service packs that includes every required detailed information
  • We assess the area where the system has to be installed and suggest the right kind of air conditioner that is going to meet your requirements by keeping all factors in mind
  • We offer a hassle-free, fast aircon installation in Booragoon at your residence and commercial place

Our Installation Procedure Includes

The experienced technicians at Aircon Express aim at delivering the best installation possible to ensure you with a comfortable living. We accept all the challenges that come our way during the installation. Our all efforts towards the installation are for making a happy living for the customers.

We know how stressful it is to have an air con installation done. Therefore, with the efforts of our trained technicians, we ensure untroubled installation. We specialise in all kinds of domestic installation keeping the requirements of the clients in mind.

Salient Characteristics of Installation

  • We ensure that the installation is completed on the same day
  • We take care of all your installation requirements and make sure that they are flawless and affordable
  • We take care of all the technical requirements and working factors in mind during the installation
  • We take into consideration the placement of the outdoor unit to make sure that the system functions well
  • We always stress on using the best methods and accessories for the complete installation.
  • We do experiment with different things for improving. However, we rely on sticking to the procedures that we have been using for years for a quick, clean and efficient installation

Our Services Post Installation

We are confident enough that our installation is going to bring a smile to your face. But do you think, we are going to leave you as soon as the installation is complete? Absolutely not! We attend to the following services unfailingly-

  • Our team of professional technicians take care of all the requirements post-installation. We remain in constant touch with our clients and attend to the faults related to the installation (if any)
  • We provide you with the list of checklists to be ticked to ensure a prompt installation marking the issues present (if any)
  • We provide information to our clients after our air conditioning installation in Booragoon on functioning and maintenance.

Contact us for the most affordable and best quality air con installation from Aircon Express.

We service all areas in Perth from North to South & the Hills