Inspections & Reports

Air Conditioning Inspections and Reports

Aircon Express has become a trusted source of air-conditioning inspection and report for residential as well as commercial air-conditioning unit. Being fully licensed and certified professionals for, we supply our valued customer standard inspection reports using top quality equipment and products.

We all know keeping your living space as well as business premise cool increases a better sense of life as well as keep employees productive. Hence, be it an emergency or regular maintenance, we offer necessary services followed by inspection and preparing reports that further can help you to keep the air-conditioning system working at peak performance.

Our inspection service includes:

  • Inspection and cleaning of the outdoor condensing unit.
  • Indoor coil inspection and cleaning for optimal performance.
  • Visual inspection for refrigeration leaks.
  • Inspection for electrical wiring to prevent the safety hazards.
  • Verification of proper suction and pressure discharge.
  • Checking blower speed.
  • Checking refrigerant level.
  • Verifying motor amps.
  • Checking temperature drop and correction of sub-cooling.
  • Observation of all electrical components.
  • Condensates drain pan inspection for proper drainage and cleanliness.

As soon as we are done with the inspection, we prepare a comprehensive report on inspection results and test grades. Our in-depth inspection makes sure that your air conditioning system runs with the full potential if it catches any malfunction that can turn into anything serious.

We service all areas in Perth from North to South & the Hills