Startup & Shut Down Services

Startup & Shut Down Services of Air Conditioners

Air conditioning is one of the major investments for homeowners as well as business people out there. Without proper maintenance, AC can harvest harmful mould that can cause allergic reactions. Hence, AC needs to serviced periodically by experts that we at Aircon Express can carry out by qualified technicians. We offer summer startup and winter shutdown service for the residential and commercial applications.

With our start up as well as shutdown service, we offer preventive maintenance that not only ensures optimal performance but also increases the lifespan of your heating and cooling system. We have a prepared checklist for you to use the AC correctly during the spring startup and fall shutdown.

So, when colder winter and spring months come to the end, here is an overview of what should be done to let the AC work fine –

  • Air filter: Clean the air filter in your furnace by professionals.
  • Humidifier damper: The damper for the humidifier should be in “closed” or “summer” position and “open” or “winter” position accordingly for the start up and shut down.
  • Thermostat: The controller on the humidifier thermostat should be turned off for start up and turned on for shut down.
  • Unit cover: Before start up, remove the outdoor A/C unit cover and wrap the unit before you shut down.
  • Condensing coil: Inspect the dirt, dust, debris and blockages in the condensing coil and treat it if you find the coil clogged.
  • Basement registers: Fully close all the registers in the summers to produce more cool air. And open all the basement registers for proper heating.
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