Air Conditioning Maintenance
Effective Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips for this Summer

Though summer has arrived in Perth, yet the hottest months are yet to come. January and February being the hottest months should ascertain that your air conditioning system performs efficiently. Weather being dry, it becomes almost impossible to sustain in such hot conditions. To our rescue, what we have is the air conditioning units that provide the ultimate comfort even during these months.

It is essential to have a reliable system that performs well during these essential hot days. Sticking to daily HVAC maintenance guarantees comfort round the clock in your house. It is where the experts’ help is needed. The following are some of the maintenance tips to follow for the optimum performance:

Perform Early Test Runs

There can be several hassles related with the unit. Consider the instances when you found that the unit is not working on the hottest day of the season and the technician is not available. There can be another instance when one of the parts of your unit needs replacement and is not available at the moment and would take another couple of days. There will be no option left rather than surviving in the hot.

To evade this type of unforeseen circumstances, it is needed to ascertain that early test runs are conducted as a part of air conditioning maintenance in Perth. Based upon that the troubleshooting needs to be addressed.

Regular Inspection for Minor Faults

According to the experts from Aircon Express, by conducting a regular and scheduled inspection by the HVAC specialists, issues like leakages, punctured ducts, or any such electrical or electronic malfunctioning can be addressed with ease. This routine check-up ensures that these minor faults do not turn into big issues.

Checking of the filters also come in the criterion of scheduled maintenance. The professionals from the company suggest to have a thorough inspection of the filters and cleaning or replacing them accordingly.

Ascertaining a Proper Airflow

To ensure that the unit is performing at its best and is cooling the room efficiently, it is essential to have a smooth airflow.

Hiring the experts to perform this will ascertain that there is a smooth airflow in the room. One of the common reasons of an irregular airflow is the obstruction in the vents or a reduction in the amount of coolant. Checking all these come under the ambit of thorough air conditioning services in Perth provided by the trained technicians. Experts say that a proper airflow ensures that the machine is performing efficiently.

Good Air Quality with Freshness

At times, the presence of dirt/dust on the filter degrades the quality of indoor air. Therefore, to maintain the quality of air freshness inside the room, it is important to place a clean filter free from dust and allergen.


Before the things go worse in summers, it is important to conduct routine maintenance during the onset of summer. Calling the proficient technicians from Aircon Express is going to get the things easy for you. The best part is that you would be assured of an uninterrupted comfort even during the hottest day.