Top 6 Reasons why People are Preferring Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

Ducted air-conditioning systems are one of the more popular chosen systems for cooling and heating your home in Perth. Most people enjoy the minimalist design that also accommodates small to larger and more complex home layouts. The inverter technology can significantly reduce the energy that is consumed in your home air-conditioning system. The following blog highlights some of the features that make ducted air-conditioning the popular choice of system.

1. Improved Energy Efficiency

Previously ducted air conditioners were not very energy efficient. Although nowadays most of the modern systems use an inverter technology in order to scale the power according to needs. Since every part of the house is equally heated or cooled, it stands out to be a value for money solution of comfort.

2. Ensure a Full-fledged Control

Most of the modern ducted systems are reverse cycle units. Meaning that system can either heat or cool the air, ideal for ensuring your home comfort levels are optimal all year round. Aircon Express Experts believe it to be a complete home solution for comfort. It’s a one-time installation process and can be controlled and tailored to your requirements depending on the time of year. These units have zone settings that can be optimised as per preference and minimise electricity consumption. Using a system such as this one with a smart thermostat means it will be even more economical.

3. Removing the Hot and Colder Spots of House

In the case of non-ducted Aircon systems, one can face issues like inefficient heating and cooling in their house. With ducted air-conditioning installations, there is uniform cooling and heating. With this type of system, there is minimal change in air temperature variation that one can experience in your home.

4. An Improved Aestheticism

Every owner of their house aims to ensure that their homes are equipped in the best way possible. When building new homes, it is very simple to run the ductwork at the construction phase in the roof space. And with established homes, it is more complex to change the layouts of ducts once installed so making sure you are happy with where the ducts are placed and to ensure you have chosen the professional Aircon specialists who aim to install the ducts in the best way possible. With non-ducted system you can visibly see a unit hanging on the wall or the outside of the house that in turn reduces the aesthetic beauty of the house, however with the ducted system, the only thing that is visible on the ceilings of the rooms is a grill, and the remaining ductwork is neatly tucked inside the roof space. Experts from Aircon Express make sure that the installation of ducted air conditioning in Perth does not alter the aesthetic beauty of the place.

5. Healthier Choice

Ducted refrigerated air conditioning is a healthier choice to cool or heat air in your home. With the controls being able to control not only the temperature of the air, but also the humidity too as the air it pumps into the home in fresh.

6. A Reduced Noise Production

Non-ducted systems even with modern advancement in technology have reduced a great deal of noise, but the professionals believe that it still can’t beat the ducted systems. It is one of the many benefits of having a ducted system in your home.


With so many advantages, the ducted system holds the prime spot of preference and hence, many households are going for this air-conditioning choice. If you are looking to have it installed, get in contact with Aircon Express today and arrange a time to consult the professionals before getting it done.